Gold meets gold in the golden season

„Der Herbst ist immer unsere beste [...]

„Der Herbst ist immer unsere beste Zeit.“
Source: Goethe, J. W., letters. To Friedrich Schiller, 27 June 1797.

Are you already feeling the anticipation of autumn too? Dark green, warm brown, muted red and gold tones in all nuances – as the golden season of the year, autumn makes our surroundings shine in warm colours. It puts us in the mood for walks in the forest, colourful autumn leaves, cosy evenings by the fire and a golden evening sun. The Grossmann timepieces harmonise perfectly with the colours of autumn. As pieces of jewellery made from valuable gold and platinum, they are made for the colour world of the most beautiful third season.

Grossmann watches have been inspired by autumn, its colours and nature changing with the seasons. Discover our timepieces in combination with autumn and gold tones.

Be inspired, feel free to send us a picture of your Moritz Grossmann watch with an autumn theme and enjoy the golden season that lies just around the corner!