Let Moritz Grossmann lure you to Basel with new date-display and manual winder developments.

Moritz Grossmann renews its commitment to Baselworld with a repeat presence from 23 to 30 March this year.

At the newly inaugurated LES ATELIERS in Hall 1.2, Stand L01

Moritz Grossmann renews its commitment to Baselworld with a repeat presence from 23 to 30 March this year. Independent manufactures that formerly convened in The Palace now have a new site in LES ATELIERS in Hall 1.2. It is an attractively designed, comfortable exhibition space integrated into the logistics of Hall 1. At Stand L01, directly adjacent to ateliers and workshops, Moritz Grossmann is showcasing its entire collection – including special models and unique pieces for the first time. The manufacture’s debuts are being introduced exclusively in Basel. Grossmann’s watchmakers have explored new avenues with their developments, many of them extraordinary, and are celebrating pure watchmaking artistry both from the visual and design points of view. In Basel, visitors will see and feel, look at and look through, move and be moved.

ATUM Primavera

Moritz Grossmann brings spring to Basel. With its three unusual dial colours – Blue Sunburst, Yellow Sunburst, and Red Sunburst – the ATUM Primavera is decidedly seductive. The elaborate lacquering technique, referred to as a two-tone sunburst finish by guitar makers, produces a colour gradation from transparent to opaque and is a perfect match for the puristic ATUM. The display back reveals the radiant manufacture calibre 100.1 with the characteristic High-Artistic Finish.

ATUM Enamel

The ATUM Enamel is yet another surprisingly extravagant model. Its enamelled dial is a true homage to artisanship in the days of old. Today, as in the past, only very few masters of the discipline are capable of creating immaculate enamelwork. Often referred to as “white gold”, an enamel coating endows a dial with incomparable purity. On such a stage, the deep-black scales and numerals as well as the crowning XII in blue stand out in vivid contrast. The heart of the ATUM Enamel is the manufacture calibre 100.1 in the High-Artistic Finish version. It comes in an exclusive limited edition of 25 watches each with rose-gold and white-gold cases.


The date indication, a complication coveted and often discussed by watch enthusiasts, has been rethought by Moritz Grossmann with the debut of the jumping date display. This development catches the eye with a complete date scale and an unusual bracket-type marker. The mechanical finesse of the calibre 100.3 movement assures the precisely legible display of the ATUM Date. Apart from the precisely jumping date display, the complex switching system includes a separate datesetting crown at 10 o’clock that allows the date to be adjusted in either direction. This is a very convenient feature, for example when the date needs to be changed at the end of a month.

ATUM Pure G and ATUM Pure L

The transparent dial that discreetly exposes the movement was first introduced with the ATUM Pure M. Now, it is being presented in two additional versions. The stainless steel dial inserts are manufactured with different patterns, adding differentiated nuances of casual elegance to these models. In the ATUM Pure L (L stands for “Long Hole”), the insert achieves maximum transparency for the calibre 201.0 with the Pure-Classic Finish. The dial of the ATUM Pure G (G stands for “Grid”) affords a subtly transparent view and emphasises the classic-technical personality of the steel case. The hands and markers are filled with HyCeram in white, blue, green, and orange. The ATUM Pure G and ATUM Pure L are available in stainless steel and stainless steel DLC dianoir cases in limited editions of 25 watches per colour and dial variation.

ATUM Skelett

This unique piece combines pure beauty with pure watchmaking artistry. A horological work of art was created jointly by Moritz Grossmann and Christophe Schaffo. Christophe Schaffo is one of the great masters of his discipline. At his workshop in La Brévine, he designs and crafts exquisite one-of-a-kind watches entirely by hand, at most ten per year. His work unites technology, craftsmanship, and the ultimate in artistic creativity. Each individual piece reflects inspiration, experience, and the finesse of his gifted hands. The material of the calibre 100.5 was reduced to the bare essence by skeletonisation. Every single part is manually chamfered, chased, and engraved. Customers can choose their one-of-a-kind ATUM Skelett in rose gold or white gold.

TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty

In cooperation with the Grossmann manufacture, Michael Koh designed a seductive jewellery watch that evokes the mysterious realm of the moon. The TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty plays with the various manifestations of the moon. On the dial, the Roman numerals, the exquisite hour hand, the asymmetric guilloched pattern, and the portrait of the moon are magically alluring. The gracefully sculpted case is fitted with exceptional, unilaterally suspended strap bars. In Singapore, Michael Koh ranks among the leading goldsmiths and jewellery designers; Caratell, his company, is one of Asia’s top luxury brands. His special passion for exclusive precious stones also comes to the fore in the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty, for which Michael Koh picked diamonds and gems that are harmoniously nuanced to match the colours of the case and strap.


Grossmann’s watchmakers fulfilled a long-standing wish when they created the new winding mechanism for the TEFNUT. The quest for a robust alternative to the conventional crown winder culminated with an ingeniously simple solution. The Grossmann strap winder allows the watch to be wound with turns of the strap attachment at 6 o’clock in the case. It’s fast and works with just a few twists. The strap offers a big enough surface for a firm grip. With merely a few back-and-forth twists of the wrist, the watch can be fully wound – very comfortably and quickly. This is a real advantage especially for small watches. Even a casual glance reveals that the Grossmann strap winder has strikingly different strap attachment points and an unusual setting crown position. This extraordinary development called for a modification of the TEFNUT case. The calibre 102.2 incorporates numerous innovations. With its three distinctive versions – “Fancy”, “Classic”, and “Classic Gent” – in rose-gold or white-gold cases, the TEFNUT Twist stands out prominently in terms of both appearance and mechanical ingenuity.