Schönstes deutsches Handwerk We celebrate 10 years of Moritz Grossmann

Part 9 – 2016 The first super-super [...]

Part 9 – 2016

The first super-supermoon this millennium inspires romantics around the world +++ Real estate mogul Donald Trump becomes 45th president of the US +++ Brexit: the UK votes to leave the European Union +++ Nico Rosberg becomes Formula 1 world champion with Mercedes and ends his career +++

Moritz Grossmann debuts its first steel watches at Baselworld +++ Presentation of a new dial with exposed movement +++ Anniversary of Moritz Grossmann’s treatise ‘The Free Anchor Escapement for Watches’ +++ First appearance at DOHA DJWE +++ New social media presence +++ Starhill Award 2016 for BENU Tourbillon

Good news for lovers of prestigious steel watches. The ATUM Pure and TEFNUT Pure celebrate their debut at Baselworld. They include all the watchmaking finesse of their gold counterparts yet still surprise with a beauty entirely of their own. The calibre comes in a Pure Classic finish for the steel versions. This unusual finish adds a new aesthetic to the movements, representing the best of German craftsmanship. Moritz Grossmann has found the right partner in the form of AL MAJED, in Qatar, and is deepening this relationship with a joint appearance at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition. Celebrations are under way in Glashütte for the 150-year anniversary of Moritz Grossmann’s treatise ‘The Free Anchor Escapement for Watches’, which was published by the British Horological Institute (BHI) in 1866 and won first prize. Despite negative forecasts for the watch industry, 2016 is a year of stabilisation. International success and continued growth are cementing the position of this young watch manufacturer.